Production range includes different types of sealing products and high temperature insulation.

Our products are applicable in the insulation of stuffing boxes of valves, pumps, insulation of flanges joints, thermal-insulation of steam channels, steam generators, furnaces, fixture, as well as an insulation in different plug-in units in aggregates and machines and at many other spots in the industry.

We are having on stock a great percentage of the products, as those that are unavailable could be delivered or produced for a very short period. The high-qualified staff, the contemporary equipment, the usage of materials from world-known producers, as well as high level of supervision. All that is to obtain a universal fulfillment of your requirements and satisfying your needs.

You can get our complete product list here : (Microsoft Word format)Products

Short Overview

Burgas Marine Consulting Ltd. is established by high qualified captains and chief engineers with experience on VLCC, Container ships, Bulk carriers and in maritime administration.

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- Port Services
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